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We just added a new feature to the application A2 and A2 + Android release.

It is now possible to perform export plans stored in the application to import in new mobile. This function is very useful in case you want to change mobile or just to share your plans with someone else with the app.

To do this, we added two new buttons in the list of saved plans. One can export plans the “A2/Export” directory (or “A2plus/Export” to A2 + application) on your mobile. The second allows recovery plans located in the “A2/Export” directory (or “A2plus/Export” for the application A2+) on your mobile.



To transfer, simply thus:
  • Export with the left button.
  • Copy the “A2 / Export” directory (or “A2plus / Export” for the application A2 +) of your device in the new mobile.
  • Import with the right button with the new mobile.


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